Monday, June 13, 2016

The FDA Ban Has NOT Been Lifted

Sadly, contrary to the initial report that gay and bisexual men can donate blood for the Pulse Night Club / Orlando victims, the FDA's ban has NOT been lifted.

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Gay and bisexual men cannot donate blood and this is only on the basis of their gender and sexuality alone.

It's one thing if this were the 80s when we didn't know that anyone of any gender and sexuality can carry HIV/AIDS. But now we know more than ever:

Diseases do NOT discriminate.

This is 2016 and the stigma still stands as being the legal reason and excuse to not allow men sexually active with men to donate blood - unless they haven't had sex with men for a year. That's not a victory. To act inclusive and yet not be inclusive at all is still ignorance. And blatant homophobia/biphobia. A gay or bisexual man being celibate for a year should be a choice, not a mandate.

If this also applied to straight men, and to women too, and all genders, where everyone had to remain celibate for a year also, that would be fair. But this is not fair. It's still discrimination and it's still not allowing men of our community to freely donate blood to those who need it. This needs to change especially when tragic events like this happen.

Test the blood and only reject on the basis of the blood itself - NOT on the gender and sexuality of the person.

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