Saturday, July 9, 2016

ALL Lives Matter?

I've yet to see "All Lives Matter" exist outside of being a hashtag and used on the Internet, and ONLY when the Black Lives Matter movement and hashtag is back at the forefront of our culture.

Seriously, All Lives Matter people. Where are you outside of the Internet?

The whole point of a movement is to bring awareness on an issue that won't stop. When it's too broad/vague, when there's no focus on the cause and the audience, it practically doesn't exist.

"All Lives Matter" is not really a movement, but to silence Black Lives Matter, which is an actual movement. Yes, it's about police brutality against black people, and that's only because statistically, it happens to black people a lot more. We all know it doesn't just happen to black people. But aside from that, the Black Lives Matter movement is about bringing everyone together, no matter your race, nationality, and sexuality, as one, to bring awareness to an issue that affects too many Americans: police brutality. 

Why did all lives only matter when it became about the black ones? If all lives true mattered to folks who say "All Lives Matter," the black ones should count too. They should also be out there protesting, because contrary to what they think, this isn't only about black versus white. This is about good versus evil.

Evil should not win, no matter if it's here to stay, it will not win. Bad cops should not win. Good cops should not lose. Nobody should be killed. Black Lives Matter is a movement not only fueled by race, but love. Yes, there's a lot of anger, but it's valid, because it's real. There are negative protestors and there are positive ones. The latter don't get the attention that they deserve. At these protests, they are there, adults and children, from young and old, from black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and so on, they're there. They exist, they are real, and the vibe is GOOD. No racism. Only good.

Where are the All Lives Matter protests? Where can we join them? I've yet to see them anywhere, not in NJ and not even in NYC!

I'm still looking, still waiting...

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