Friday, July 29, 2016

LGBT Film Review: Gayby Baby

Gayby Baby (2016)

This documentary follows the lives of four children, Gus, Ebony, Matt and Graham, who have gay parents. Told through their perspectives, we're given a tender, honest, and intimate look into how they feel about having parents who so happen to be gay and lesbian, and how their families shape their identities in a world that does not look at their family the same way as a same-sex family. As we know, in Australia, same-sex marriage is still not legal, so it makes watching this even more insightful, seeing how these kids are living with this reality as much as their parents are. I also loved how this doc went into religion and how these children feel about what the Bible says how their family is a "sin." Aside from those important subjects that affects so many of us, it's refreshing to have a doc that lets children of gay and lesbian parents have a voice - and needless to say, all of them are heard loud and clear.

* This is currently on Netflix! *

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