Friday, July 1, 2016

The Man on Top of the World: The First Review

I didn't think I'd get an ARC review for The Man on Top of the World today, which makes it officially a month away until the book is out in e-book on August 1st, August 16th being the paperback release date.

I thought that was special enough, but to my surprise, Rosie O'Donnell retweeted the book:

She knows how much I love her, but I was not expecting that kind of generosity.

As for the first review itself, here posted on BSB's website, I was overwhelmed by such kind words:

The review is in full on Goodreads.

The one part of Bente's review especially surprised and moved me:

And with this being the first review for my first book, well, how couldn't I share this love?

Thank you, Bente Bendiksen, and thank you to all who read and review The Man on Top of the World on BSB's website, Goodreads, and wherever else you want your voice to be heard. It means so much.

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