Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mission Complete: The Man on Top of the World

The day has come at last! The Man on Top of the World is out everywhere - in e-book, paperback, at Barnes & Noble, your local indie book store, and many more places where books are sold.

I truly feel like a mission was accomplished and is now complete.

To everyone who has pre-ordered, THANK YOU, and I hope that you like the postcard!

To everyone who will own a copy, whether it will be today and now, next week, next month, or next year, to all The Man on Top of the World readers out there, with all my heart, I love you!

And don't forget -

Whether you love it or hate it, let other readers know how you feel about The Man on Top of the World by reviewing it on:
The more places, including your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc., the merrier. The more you share your review in more than one site also, the more it will make the book visible for everyone to see that it exists out there. The reviews aren't for me or my ego. It's only about and for you, the audience!

Enjoy - and again, thank you, I love you, and rock on!

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