Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reasons To Cry: Context Is Everything

Men cry.

This is a given. But it isn't. Not by societal standards. It's not encouraged for men to show their emotions. Unless it's violent or aggressive, their emotions of tenderness and vulnerability aren't wanted. When men cry, they are chalked up as drama queens. Or are the butt of memes like this:

Their tears are not tears. They are "man tears." For some reason, gendering tears is a thing, too.

And why do tears have to strip a man's masculinity away? 

I don't get it, but maybe it's just me, that I see things like this a little differently. Not that there always has to be a reason to cry, but the context behind the crying matters, and it's everything.

Jonathan and Izzy cry a lot, yes. But never do they cry for no reason. The times that they do, it's in the context of the moment. It only makes sense that they do. Why wouldn't they cry for their losses?

Their losses are heavy and deep, for reasons heavily deep and personal. From heartbreak to death, I mean, who wouldn't cry for that? This is a universal pain women and men feel. Because, after all:

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