Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reviews: A Window Into Personality

If there's one thing I've learned for quite some time is how reviews, though they are only, as Anne Rice put it, an "individual response," nothing more or less, are also a window into a personality.

The grace and gorgeousness of this one is stunning.

It's not about the star rating. It's about the content

How someone voices that content is a choice. It represents how they carry themselves. It boils down to a person's choice. It's okay to not like a book. We are all allowed to feel negative about anything if it makes us frustrated, annoyed, turned off, etc. and to express that. But not liking something is not a reason to present ourselves in a way that only makes us appear unprofessional, disrespectful, overdramatic, and immature. Even with negativity, we can all still present ourselves with maturity, and as sweet and gracefully, and as positively, as this person did. It's not easy, but it can be done. 

How we express ourselves is a choice. It's up to us if, no matter if we approve or disapprove of something (or someone), we want to present ourselves in a good way, or a bad way. Either way we choose, it only reflects on us, not on what we review. Books, movies, art - any form of entertainment - are meant to be open to all sorts of interpretations, from the glowingly positive, intelligent, and enlightening to the downright nasty, mean, and sometimes, very personal. It's a "take" on how one saw that work through their eyes - and it will differ, because we're all individuals. That's the beauty of it all - that there's no one interpretation, no one viewpoint, and no one experience to learn from. It's not what's said, but how one says it, that tells us about the reviewer and their personality.  

We can learn a lot from each other this way. I truly believe that a review, in essence, is not just someone's take on something, but a reflection of a person's character too. That's not to say that we know everything about someone from just a review. But can it give us a little and yet reveal so much?

I'd say: hell yes. 

Thank you, Marie Macula, for this beautiful review, and for seeing the humanity of Jon and Izzy despite their flaws and mistakes. To everyone who have also not lost sight of their humanity - you know who you are! - thank you. It means so much and also says a lot about your humanity too. 


  1. You can definitely tell a person's maturity level by the kind of review they leave, whether they liked the book or not!