Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Man On Top of the World Reviews: Oh My!

More reviews for my debut novel are coming in. I'm loving them all!

What I'll say about the negative reviews is that they're a riot, and are similar to a pattern I've been noticing for a while: folks complaining about a movie, TV show, or book for the thing that the movie, show, or book is about.

My book is a 1970s rocker story. It has sex, drugs, and rock stars in it. Who would have thought? How dare that it has that. How dare that a scary movie has scary scenes in it. How dare that a horror movie has too much horror in it. How dare that a zombie show is all about zombies or that a Pokemon game has Pokemon. How dare that a Harry Potter script is, oh my, it's a script! 

And The Man on Top of the World is like reading a Ziggy Stardust fanfiction. I only hint to that when I say in my bio that Izzy is "David Bowie-esque." So Izzy is Bowie inspired and channels Bowie. That's clearly transparent from my bio to the book's blurb, excerpt, and context. No surprises. My writing style isn't for everyone. That's too bad if it is, but it's highly unlikely that any author's style is for everyone, it's not meant to be. This book isn't British enough. It wasn't written by a Brit, with not a British audience in mind. The language and dialogue is not colloquial enough to the culture, but I didn't by any means, in no way, shape, or form, made a mockery, caricature, or stereotype out of the characters, for being as they are in this time period. If I did, that would be wrong, but I didn't. I only didn't use proper British language and colloquial, that's all. It's not that serious. It's so harmless and innocent at most, stupid and naive at best, but on the whole, it really shouldn't be this big deal. I admit in my acknowledgements that I didn't have any beta readers. I never said that this book wasn't edited. Of course it was edited. Some may feel that there needed to be more editing, and do do I, because I feel like a book is never truly finished. But really, and honestly, we're happy, and proud, regardless, of what we did with this book. We did the best we could. Ultimately, all is well, as am I.

All that negativity aside, I really do appreciate all of you who have bought the book, read/reviewed the book, and have shown support for it in general, so far. Negative people are the loudest, but the positive people will always be the ones that matter most. The positive reviews are so wonderful, loving, caring, and understanding. It's been such an overwhelmingly amazing experience seeing this project through to the end, to today. The Man on Top of the World is for those who do enjoy what it's all about - rock stars, the 70s, and glam rock - and the more that's there besides the drugs, booze, and sex. I appreciate every single one of you who can or will see it for everything that it is, and not just for one part of what it is. You, and only you, rock my world!

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