Thursday, September 22, 2016

Björk Live At The Royal Albert Hall

This concert was special for many reasons.

It was the first time she has performed at this venue in 3 years.

It is her first time performing Vulnicura live this year, since 2015 where she had to cut that tour short for reasons unknown, but fair to assume, it was for personal, reflective of the album's nature itself.

It's here where she performs "I've Seen It All" for the first time since 13 years ago!

And lastly, this makes her first entirely 100% acoustic concert in a LONG time, probably since she performed at Union Chapel way back in 1999, circa Homogenic. No beats, no base, absent of all that with nothing but those somber, romantic, dramatic, and lush strings! Some critics think she's most at her element when she's backed up with more than strings, but personally, I feel like this is her element, when she's most at the forefront as a composer with only those strings and that famous voice. She's just so ethereal in this type of environment musically and aesthetically. I'm LIVING for her attire, that custom-made headdresses by the talented James Merry (I love that he made them illuminate and glow in the dark!), the costumes designed by the brilliant Hildur Yeoman, her backing orchestra, The Aurora Orchestra, and naturally, the goddess sparkle herself in all her glory.

And these performances...intolerably gorgeous, sexy, brilliant, and arresting!

I love the dramatic strings dark and sorrowful. That impromptu sing-along of "She loves him" from the crowd was so heartwarming! I love that look of surprise on Björk's face, her smiling, and that chuckle! This has to be one of the best performances of "Pagan Poetry" she has ever done.

Now this was a surprise song choice, still is to me! The illuminated dress complements its beauty.

A fan favorite makes its return! And how it still moves us so at the instant she sings:

"I live by the ocean..." 

Only Björk can dare do a concert like this, bare-naked acoustic, without the thrills, bells, and whistles, and still stand as her own, as the original she always was and will forever be. 

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