Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bowie/Collector: The Personal Art Collection of David Bowie

The Bowie Collector exhibit was gorgeous, so simple, exciting, and eclectic!

 Of the 400 art pieces that David Bowie collected/owned, only 35 was exhibited, and here they are:

Percy Wyndham Lewis, Futuristic Figure, 1912.

Percy Wyndham Lewis, Circus Scene, 1913-14

Harold Gilman, Interior (Mrs. Mounter), 1917

Henry Moore, Family Group, 1944

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Glacier (Bore), 1950

Peter Lanyon, Trevalgan, 1951

Kenneth Armitage, R.A., Model for Diarchy (small version), 1957-1959

Graham Sutherland, Thorn Bush, 1947-1948

Henry Lamb, Study for Portrait of Lytton Strachey, 1913

Frank Auerbach, Head of Gerda Boehm, 1965

David Bomberg, Moorish Ronda Andalucia, 1935

Johann Fischer, Meine Richtige Mutter in Jungen Jahren / Der Vater Meines Vorgangers, 1985.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Air Power, 1984

(This is estimated at $5,000,000! At the auction, it will most likely sell for $10,000,000!)

Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni, Brionvega Radiophonograph, model no RR126, 1966

(Not surprisingly, one of the most popular pieces exhibited that so many people can't wait to buy at the auction - imagine what music he played on this fun and stylish record player!)

Peter Lanyon, Witness, 1961

William Scott, R.A., Winter Still Life No. 2, 1956

Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper, 'Cube' Radio model no. T5502, 1963

Ettore Sottsass, Enorme Telephone, 1986

Damian Hirst with David Bowie, Beautiful, hallo, space boy painting, 1995

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, 1984

Romuald Hazoumè, Miss Johannesburg, 1995

Romuald Hazoumè, Alexandra, 1995

Kenneth Armitage R.A., Figure Lying on its Side (Version 3), 1957

Ettore Sottsass, Carlton Bookcase, 1981

Bryan Wynter, In the Stream's Path, 1956-1958

Patrick Caulfield, R.A., Foyer, 1973

David Bomberg, Sunrise in the Mountains, Picos de Asturins, 1935

Méret Oppenheim, La condition humaine, 1973

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, R.D., Forms on a Bow, No. 2, 1949/1960

Marco Zanini, 'Colorado' Teapot, 1983

Ettore Sottsass, Pasifila Vase, 1981

Ettore Sottsass, Sol Fruit Bowl, 1982

Ettore Sottsass, Bay Table Lamp, 1983

Ettore Sottsass, Tahiti Lamp, 1981

George J. Sowden, Metropole Clock, 1982

While at Bowie/Collector, I met so many amazing people who knew David personally, and what amazing stories they told me, and showing me so many timeless photos that it was no wonder that we had a good cry at the end. If there's one thing I learned from seeing the art that Bowie owned, and meeting these people, was that Bowie wasn't just a rock star, he was a real person, a really good, sweet, intelligent, and caring soul. He gave so much to the world, touched so many people, changed lives, and was so loved, and oh how he's so missed. With his art being auctioned, it's a sad reminder that he's no longer with us, but he will live on in his art, and in the art that he owned, that now someone else out there will own and love as much.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Jones!

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