Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Bowie Celebration: A Night To Remember Forever

The Bowie Celebration was one of the most surreal concerts I’ve ever been to, it was even more than a concert, it was an experience. I went to the venue early, thinking it was open to the public since they had the door open. Then they locked it, and the band were rehearsing and doing the sound check, starting off with "Space Oddity." Naturally, I stayed and watched, but it was strange how they knew I was there, but NOBODY said anything. Even when Michael C. Hall arrived and he was performing, I thought by then they’d kick me out, but they kept on rehearsing/sound checking as if I wasn’t there. It was AMAZING and weird at the same time, them performing for an audience of one and it was me lol. Then they took a break, so I left, and then I came back to the venue later, and waiting outside just hanging out was Michael C. Hall. I said hello to him and he recognized me and we had small chit chat, then he had to go to the subway for some reason, so then I turned around and there’s this guy having a smoke break, he’s the manager, and he asked me “How did you enjoy the soundcheck and rehearsal?” I thanked him for letting me stay, but I asked him why, and he just smiled and said “we like seeing people have a good time here, we didn’t care!” We talked a bit, I mentioned how Michael C. Hall is such a sweetie, then he talked about how all the celebrities that come or perform at The Cutting Room are pretty chill, except for one. I joked when I mentioned Kanye West, and he said “Hell no, it was that Billy Joel, he’s such an asshole!” LMAO!

The concert itself was so much fun, intimate, cozy, and beautiful. After it was over, I was surprised that some of the Blackstar band and Michael took the time for us to have a chat and a drink. Then after our convo I bumped into Carlos Alomar, and we talked for about fifteen minutes talking about life and NYC, like everyone else he was so sweet and we talked as if we long known each other, it was so bizarre. Then I talked to another one of David’s closest bandmates, Catherine Russell, and she and I had another long and deep convo, it was as if we knew each other too. This chat was about spiritual stuff, yoga, and she told me a lot about David, about how hard working he was to the day he died, and I was moved by her story of how when David had his heart attack, David felt so bad, he couldn’t stop apologizing to everyone, even though we’d understand, because after all, he had a HEART ATTACK. She told me a few other things, but I feel like they’re too personal for me to share openly here, unless if asked privately. Time flew by so fast, I didn't think I'd see a soundcheck and rehearsal AND what was practically a meet and greet. I couldn’t believe just how wonderful, caring, humble, and genuine everyone was, and how we shared such a loving and fun night together in celebration of a man that they knew personally, but we all love so much.

I had such a natural high on my way back to the train station, but then was annoyed by how there was so much security and limos everywhere. I thought that was unusual, but I didn’t think much of it, until at Penn, I noticed that every other person was wearing a Pablo shirt. Then it hit me:

Kanye West was here!

Total coincidence: I had no idea he was performing at Madison Square Garden tonight.

What a night! I'll never forget it.

And for the Bowie fans who have to know: here's the setlist!

And here are the highlights!

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  1. Sounds like it couldn't have gone better! Glad you were able to experience this special night. :)