Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weird Al Yankovic: The Mandatory Concert

Weird Al at Radio City was AMAZING! Too many highlights esp. him beginning the show by singing "Happy" outside of Radio City and the camera following him inside the venue to the aisle where I was. Him singing at my face made my year lol. And to top it off, earlier I randomly bumped into the lovely Mandy Gonzalez of Hamilton, I told her I was seeing Weird Al, and she told me that Lin is a huge Weird Al fan. It was magical seeing Lin sing "Yoda" with Weird Al - he was so fangirling! Brilliant concert and night on so many levels.  

I adore Weird Al so much - he's so bad ass and cool and gives the best concert ever. This was his first time ever performing at Radio City, AND this so happened to also be the last concert to end the Mandatory tour. It was truly a most magical night - one that I will never forget!

And neither will Lin ;).


  1. Aww! I had a chance to see him in Dallas this summer but didn't go. Now I wish I had! Sounds like it was a wonderfully fun time!

    1. Nooo you should have gone! He's a brilliant showman! Hopefully you'll go the next tour :).