Sunday, October 30, 2016

LGBT Film Review: Moonlight

There hasn't been a movie since Pariah that so realistically and beautifully tells the story of what it means to be black and gay. With Moonlight, we have not only the journey of one young man who's coping with his sexuality, but also with his mother being a drug addict and with his relationship with his best friend, Kevin. The two shape who he is from a bullied, innocent, and confused boy ("Little"), a tortured teenager ("Chiron"), and a tough, headstrong adult ("Black") into a person who from beginning to end has a story and yet no story, a mystery that has yet to be solved. This gives Moonlight an almost unfinished feel about it, where so much is left unanswered, but this we know: Moonlight is moving, thought-provoking, lyrical, intimate, stunning, and powerful, a near-perfect triumph of LGBT cinema that will touch the Little/Chiron/Black in all of us who have been - or are still - in his shoes.

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