Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Gouster

The Gouster is one special album. It was long lost, even though for years these tracks have been circulating and available, but not officially released. This was recorded after Aladdin Sane and created the foundation for Young Americans. The Gouster could have been the next album after Aladdin Sane but it was scrapped in favor of Young Americans. I loved that David Bowie had such an affinity for soul and funk music. I loved this album's title, referring to a type of dress code worn by young African American teens in 1960's Chicago. And most of all, I just love David Bowie's soul in this. He jokingly called it "plastic soul" because of how he's not a real "soul brotha" but a Brit trying to emulate one. There was nothing plastic about David Bowie's soul. David Bowie had a whole lot of pure soul and it's a beauty in The Gouster. It's truly a must-listen, because it really is that divine.

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