Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Man on Top of the World: Q&A #2

** Spoiler Alert **

Do you think Jon would have been okay with a polyamorous relationship between him, Izzy, and Roxanne had Izzy just been upfront and honest with him from the beginning?

- Tanezia McAdams 

Maybe some people can imagine Jon, Izzy, and Roxanne being in a polyamorous relationship together, but I can't picture it. With Jon being jealous, skeptical, and mistrusting of Roxanne from the start, it wouldn't be realistic for him to be for it if Izzy was upfront about it from the beginning. If Jon had any romantic attraction to Roxanne, sure, he'd most likely be open to it, but as his feelings are and as the story goes, with how much he can't stand her, not even his (repressed) sexual fantasies of her would be enough to make it work. Because after all, a poly relationship is still a relationship, and sex alone does not make a relationship, not even when it's a polyamorous one. I don't think Jon could even grow to love Roxanne like he loves Izzy. How could he when he doesn't even like her?

Plus, what about Roxanne? With her being who she is, can we really picture her being open-minded to poly relationships in general, let alone being open to being in one herself?

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