Friday, October 28, 2016

The Man On Top of The World: Q&A #6

If Izzy and Jon had been men of color in the same setting, how do you think the story would differ?

- Tanezia McAdams

For sure, Izzy would channel Little Richard more than David Bowie! Not enough love is given to just how intolerably beautiful and effeminate Little Richard was - and this was way back in the 1950's!

What a man! 

Even David was a Little Richard fan!

The story arc would still be the same. It would still be a glam rock soap opera/love triangle, but with even more tension, frustrations, drama, and emotion because of the racism, homophobia, and bigotry that Jon and Izzy would face for being glam rock men of color. Izzy would most likely be treated differently. The interviews would focus on his race as much if not more than his sexuality. He'd be even more sensationalized because he's an androgynous and ambiguous black entertainer. In the states, he wouldn't merely be treated like an alien. For sure, their trip would have been dangerous in those Bible Belt states - and Izzy would have a whole lot to say about that! Izzy and Jon's bond would be even closer because despite Izzy being the rock star, they'd share the same struggles and burdens in their industry because of their race. They'd not only have their groupies, but probably chasers, fetishists, and more than a few racists in the mix - which would mean even more work for Izzy's security team! Roxanne and Izzy's pairing would be extremely sensationalized. The interviews would heavily hinge on their interracial relationship, treating it as something taboo and outrageous. Izzy would be even more scared of his relationship with Jon if it were public, afraid that they'd be killed if they were out. And the way the story ends, it would have us wondering even more about Jon and Izzy's fate. It could potentially be even more heartbreaking as well as triumphant. All this would undoubtedly make The Man on Top of the World even more interesting - and a much longer book, lol!


  1. Def would be a MUCH longer book. I'd love to see something like that one day though. It would be hard for whoever does write it, though. I'd imagine that the many layers you'd have to dive into with that would be a major challenge!