Friday, October 7, 2016

The Man on Top of the World Q&A

I'm truly, utterly flattered by how this book has brought out so many feels, from the good and the bad, in so many passionate individuals. Because of this emotional response, it feels appropriate to have this post be a space for people to ask any questions they'd like to have answered about The Man on Top of the World from the characters, the book's themes, etc. Anything you want to know, just ask!

Like for example, I've noticed how a few readers have been saying that they wanted to know more about Jon and Izzy, but I've yet to see anyone say specifically what that is they wanted to know.

I want to know what you wanted to know! What did you want to know more about Jon? What other sides to him did you want to see? And same with Izzy - what more did you want to know about him?

Don't be shy and don't be afraid to reach out to me. Even if you have questions about the sex scenes, ask away! Chances are, I'll have all the answers to any question that will be asked. Even if those answers may be hidden or not present in the book, a lot of my choices if not most of them were made for a reason, but I hope that my response will make sense and maybe make you see the book a little bit differently, even if it means that you'd want to read the book again hehe. Seriously, by all means, everyone, ask me anything about The Man, and I'll dedicate a post to your question and my answer.

Whether you loved or hated the book, whether you want to be nit-picky or you'd prefer to keep things sweet and simple, let's please keep this positive, mature, and most importantly, fun. Not that I think any of you would act this way, but since this is the way of the Internet these days, sadly it must be said: this is not a space to be trolling nor is this an open invite for folks to be rude, judgemental, and obnoxious. No juvenile behavior, please - enough is enough with that. Life is just too short. We lose sight of what fiction actually is: it's fiction. It's not real. Fiction is just fiction, and regardless of genre, it really is supposed to just be a fantasy, an escape, and a fun one. And this is just a Q&A. Let's have fun and see what we can learn not only more about this book, but about each other, and yes, Bowie too ;). Ask your question(s) below - ask one or as many as you like. Or ask me a question on Twitter (@FoxxyGlamKitty) with the hashtag #ManOnTopOfTheWorldQandA. Or private message me on my Facebook page. Let's get this ball rolling - the more questions, oh the fun we'll have! This Q&A will go on and on and on for as long as y'all have questions before, during, and/or after reading!

The Q&A sessions (so far): 
Got more questions? Simply ask/post below!


  1. I'll ask a question! Did you think about ever starting the story at a different point in time, for instance, when Izzy met Jon, and related to that, why did you ultimately choose to begin the story at the sexual turning point of their long friendship?

    1. Thank you Scarlett for being the first to break the ice! ;) xoxo

  2. Lol, I have so many questions. But I'll try to keep them brief.

    1) What does Jonathon do to work on himself during the 9-ish month break at the end of the story? Like, how does he approach his relationship with Izzy differently than how we saw him?

    2) Do you think Izzy and Jon would have ever gotten together if Izzy didn't create Holly?

    3) What would Jon have pursued career wise if he never ended up as Izzy's drummer? Would he have just fell in line with the family business or maybe look for something else to do?

    4) Does Leo work for the family business, or does he do something else?

    5) Does Izzy ever go to rehab? Or something? Hell, does Jon? Therapy?

    6) If Izzy and the Diamonds were American, how do you think the story would differ?

    7) If Izzy and Jon had been men of color in the same setting, how do you think the story would differ?

    8) Do you think Jon would have been okay with a polyamorous relationship between him, Izzy, and Roxanne had Izzy just been upfront and honest with him from the beginning?

    9) Was Roxanne just trying to get a record deal, or nah?

    10) Had the story taken place in modern times, what genre of music would Izzy have played? How would this affect his relationship with Jon. In general, how do you think the story would have gone in a modern setting?

    I'll stop at 10. Lol. Can't wait to see your responses!

    1. You're so generous Tanezia!! I'll answer each question with an individual blog post and space them out in the course of the weeks and just pick and choose which question to answer by random hehe.

  3. Does Roxie take the settlement money and become the Queen of Pop in 1980s NYC? Is there another path/sequel potential? Inquiring minds want to know...

    1. Ooh nice questions!! :D I'll respond to yours next week Marie, stay tuned!