Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Design For Living

I thank Cole Riley for mentioning Design for Living in his review of my book, or else it would have taken me even longer for me to finally get to reading and watching this incredible play and movie.

What I adore soo much about the pre-Code era was for how soo ahead of the times the films were in exploring human sexuality, feminism, and re-defining social norms, the things we hold so dear today unlike back then. Design for Living is everything that a 1930's threesome is and was: so sexy, carefree, daring, and progressive, and also banned and denied. It's surprising that for how so ahead of the times it was, this movie is so underlooked and underrated today. This movie tickled me at the same time that it truly made me swoon at seeing this trio embark on an "uncommon lifestyle" and giving it a go, having a ball with this great unknown.

I'd highly recommend getting a copy of the Criterion version of this for the essay by film critic Kim Morgan and the Joseph McBride interview that explores all of what makes Design for Living so unique for its time. To this day, this one is very special, and is now one of my favorite plays and movies.

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