Wednesday, November 9, 2016

From Brexit To Trump: Where Are We Now?

There's so much and so many reasons why we have reasons to be worried, scared, disappointed, angry, and afraid. We all have every right to feel this way, and also have every right and reason to also try and be positive, optimistic, and hopeful, even with teary eyes and hanging by just a thread.

So Donald Trump won. He is our new president. He needs to redeem himself somehow. "Make America Great Again" has to start with him. He can't run our country under such toxic and dangerous hate, bigotry, and fear that has made this election more painful and scary than any election that has come before. All the people who voted for him can't have it both ways either. If they want to "Make America Great Again," it has to start with them too, with all of us, but especially them and him.

I'm by no means telling anyone what to do and how to feel. How I feel and what I do is me.  This country has a whole lot of healing ahead from all the negativity and pain this election caused, and it starts today, on ironically the same day when 27 years ago in 1989, the world celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. And now we have a new president who wants to build one. Isn't the irony chilling?

This new president and AmeriKKKa will NOT erase the good that's in this world and in this country. They may fuck up with the progress that was made, but I will NOT give in and let them take over, or else this win for now will be a win forever. Fuck that. Never that. Fighting and keeping things positive, hopeful, and optimistic doesn't make me naive - it's hard, it's a balancing act, it's something that I've trained myself to do all at once, and I will still keep fighting, believing, and hoping, online as well as actually doing something about it offline and face-to-face, as if it's easy when it's not, regardless if people agree or disagree with me. This isn't about me. It's about our future. Our future deserves to keep the faith, hope, and belief that hate may have won for now, but it won't be a winner forever. Never forever. This we can be sure of admist all this fear and uncertainty:

Hate, from time to time in history, wins. But hate never wins forever.

The progress is never for nothing. It only continues, but we only fight harder, to make our convictions, and us, even stronger than before. And this we know as well:

As scary and fucked up this all is, I know that I'm still loved, that my LGBTQI community is still loved, and that love still exists, that love, no matter what, is still real. Love is as valid as you and me.

We have survived before. We've never stopped, we never will. We will survive again.

And we must remember this too:

Our self-love and self-care more than ever matters. Nobody is alone. We have each other.

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