Friday, November 4, 2016

Spread Your Take/Interpretation!

And The Man on Top of the World reviews keep coming!

I truly appreciate them all. I know that realistically not every single person who reads Man will also review it, but anyone and everyone's "take" on it does matter to me - I do not take it for granted!

You can review Man just about anywhere on the Internet where a review can be posted.

The Top 3 Places:

Amazon  /



Everybody's take/interpretation of any book is going to vary because we're all just so different with too many unique tastes. There's no book out there that's for everyone, but...with the millions upon millions of books in the world, we're never short in finding a book that's fitted just for you. That's why I appreciate reviews and also all that every book has to offer in our beautifully diverse world.

(David Bowie, NYC 2013, Jimmy King)

To all who have been spreading the word and your take so far - THANK YOU! LOVE YOU!

And to those present and future who will - I can't wait to hear your voice!


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