Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Man On Top of the World: Q&A #7

The Man on Top of the World Q&A is back! Did you miss it? ;)

So far, questions have been asked about Jonathan, Roxanne, and Izzy. Now, here's one for Holly!

Do you think Izzy and Jon would have ever gotten together if Izzy didn't create Holly?

- Tanezia McAdams

Oh, definitely and absolutely they would have gotten together eventually. Holly helped launch their love affair, making it so much easier and faster for them to bare their heart, soul, and feelings to each other romantically and shamelessly. Holly wasn't an all-or-never-at-all gateway to them getting together, but she was convenient and arrived at the right time when Jon and Izzy were ready to take their relationship further. And if it weren't for her, Izzy and Jon wouldn't have been as honest, tender, and free with one another and not nearly as quickly and as effortlessly. She was their God-send!

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