Friday, November 18, 2016

The Man On Top of the World: Q&A #8

What would Jon have pursued career wise if he never ended up as Izzy's drummer? Would he have just fell in line with the family business or maybe look for something else to do?

- Tanezia McAdams

This was answered in the book in three scenes: in Chapter 3, Chapter 11, and Chapter 16 :). Jon always wanted to work with a famous musician, a rock star in particular. It didn't have to be Izzy, but he wanted to work with Izzy, that was his ultimate dream. If it wasn't Izzy, he would be with another celebrity artist. Being a drummer for a rock star was what he'd do whether he was with The Diamonds or not. The family business is his easy and guaranteed Plan B, but one he'd prefer not to do because as much as he loves diamonds and takes pride in being a Maxwell, the business isn't his thing. 


  1. In that case, then why do you suppose he fell into the family business after the blowup with Izzy? Was it that after the whole thing with him, he felt that he needed a break from the music scene entirely? Or was too depressed to even consider being a drummer in another band?

    1. Same as what I said above, it's his Plan B, a last-ditch and desperate and easy way to get a job with 0 effort to get it lol. Your last two questions was also answered by Jon in the book when his friend questioned why he left rock and roll, "too cutthroat" but his friend knew that's bullshit because even if that was how Jon truly felt about the business, he loves it too much to ever leave it indefinitely.

    2. And with all that Jon went through, and with him clearly being depressed, it wouldn't be all that realistic that he'd so soon and so quickly consider working for another band, and also with keeping in mind with the little secret he kept from Izzy that was only between him and Izzy's manager, being technically still on contract ;).