Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Man On Top of the World Q&A: To Be Continued...

... on November 16th - which would make it 3 months since The Man On Top of the World has been out! ;) Since the election is coming fast and soon, I thought it best to continue on with the Q&A then.

Long before this Q&A started and since it began, I'm truly amazed at how incredible my readers are - y'all are something pretty awesome. The questions that have been submitted so far have been so thoughtful, inspiring, intelligent, sexy, and oh so much fun! Let's please keep this spirit going!

As a friendly reminder: this Q&A is an ongoing thing. Any questions that you have for the book, its characters, or for me, I'll answer them. There's no rush. There's no deadline here. This Q&A will keep going for as long as people contribute questions to it, and I'm not planning on stopping either! No matter how busy I am, I will always make the time to post the Q&A here.

To all who have participated so far, Scarlett Knight, Tanezia McAdams, Marie M, and Chaz Martin: thank you for your gorgeous questions and thank you also for reviewing the book on Amazon and Goodreads.

I know that not everyone is into reviewing, and that realistically not everyone who reads this book will review it as well, but your interpretation/take on it does matter: readers do read them and I do appreciate all of them. Bad review or good review, I don't take any review or reader for granted.

Love you all, all you real rock and rollers.

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