Monday, December 26, 2016

2016: The Year of Endless Heartbreak: RIP George Michael

When I first heard the news that George Michael passed away on Christmas Day, I was shocked.

This was more than a man, more than just an artist, but George Michael was a gay icon who essentially made a soundtrack around his sexuality through his amazing music, beautiful voice, and his huge talent, and it's because of that why we'll never forget him, eternally thank him, and always love him. Thank you George Michael for never letting us down and making us believe in the power of faith. And freedom!

As if it wasn't already heartbreaking enough that we lost David Bowie and Prince, but now George Michael too? Seriously. I don't think I'll ever get over how we lost David Bowie, Prince, AND George Michael in one and the same year. So fucking surreal. And we lost these three so quick, so suddenly, and so cruelly.  2016 is in more ways than one truly the year of endless heartbreak.

 In times of so many celebrity deaths, here we'll go again and again with many trying to criticize why we mourn for celebrities/icons in the first place. We can mourn for our heroes for as long as we want to; there's no right way of doing it, there's no deadline for when it should end, there's no "normal" time span for it. It only means we're holding them closer now than ever before when they were on this Earth, sharing their beautiful gifts with us. From with us to no longer, we will always love them.

As long as we'll always have music, we'll always have freedom and faith.

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