Monday, December 12, 2016

The Man on Top of the World: Q&A #11

Had the story taken place in modern times, what genre of music would Izzy have played? How would this affect his relationship with Jon. In general, how do you think the story would have gone in a modern setting?

- Tanezia McAdams

Very good question! I honestly find it hard to believe that Izzy would be Izzy if it weren't for when he arrived at the time and era that was destined to him. The 1970's and glam rock was where and when artists could freely invent their own kind of music and their image too, and with such abandon. No other era and genre of music was quite like that, where it was so much about freedom and experimentation, so respected and applauded. If Izzy existed in let's say the 90's, he wouldn't stray too far from rock and roll. He'd be a pop-rock artist, with more leanings towards the pop sound. He'd have to be even more so in the closet, like he couldn't even flirtatiously hint that he was bisexual, he'd present as strictly straight, and musically, he'd be too risky, too cheesy, and probably not cool, not with his aesthetic and style. If anything, he'd just be a flash in the pan, and would be drowned out by the boy bands and girl bands. And let's say if he did exist in this modern context, this would even more so affect his relationship with Jon, where they'd both have to present as so straight, and they certainly also couldn't have played with androgyny either, no glam makeup, no glam fashion even. Essentially, everything that made them who they are on and offstage wouldn't exist if they lived in another time and place. Their ambitions, hopes, wants, and dreams would also change tremendously, or if not change, it would just be wishful thinking, like a pipe dream. Chances are, and most likely and most saddest of all, he'd probably end up with somebody else, and it wouldn't be with Jon.

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