Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In Honor Of Him

On this day on the 1st year anniversary of David Bowie's death, I'll be going to a tribute concert where it stars his band, friends, and colleagues paying their respects and celebrating him in such a way that would make the Starman very proud. It's gonna be one emotional night tomorrow, but I'm ready to celebrate David Bowie's 1st year death anniversary with the Bowie people.

Since it first premiered on January 7th, since it's been uploaded on YouTube by the talented and oh so generous david bowie tin machine, I've been watching this new David Bowie documentary, The Last Five Years, many times now. It's sad, yes, and it will make you cry, but it will also make you smile.

This tribute video was made 4 years ago by the also talented and generous Menno Kooistra, but it resonates even more now that Bowie is gone. The editing is mighty impressive, and the feels is oh so there each and every time I watch this. Truly mind=blowing, moving, and powerful.

David may be gone, but our greatest tribute to him is our love, keeping his legacy alive.

Bowie Forever. Forever Bowie.

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