Monday, February 27, 2017

The Little Movie That Could: Moonlight

None of us expected Moonlight to win Best Picture. We hoped it would, of course, but knew it would go to La La Land. La La Land was announced as the winner, until...this happened.

My heart was legit racing and I was shaking at that MAJOR epic, embarrassing fail that was also the most brilliant moment we've ever seen at the Oscars. MOONLIGHT WON BEST PICTURE! Movies about the queer black experience CAN win, and for that, all us queer black folks of the world can at last feel like we belong. I'll embrace this moment forever: a queer black movie WON and it wasn't about slavery. What a time to be alive to see this.

Moonlight also won these awards:

Tonight's Oscars was historic for these reasons: Mahershala Ali became the first ever Muslim actor to win an Oscar, Iran won for Best Foreign Film, black actors won, and a movie about the queer black male experience won Best Picture. THIS is what America is made of - diversity and inclusivity. Absolutely beautiful. And most of all, Moonlight's win is a win for the entire LGBT community as this makes Moonlight the first ever LGBTQI movie to win Best Picture.

So proud of Moonlight, so proud of this moment, so proud of our history. We are now part of Oscars history, and damn it feels so good.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


David Bowie not only won ALL five of the Grammys he was nominated for (Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, Best Alternative Music Album, Best Recording Package, and Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical), but he also swept his two nominations at the Brit awards too!

David's Brits win for British Male Solo Artist was accepted by Michael C. Hall, whose speech was so lovely and poignant.

And a lovely surprise that David's son, Duncan Jones, accepted David's final Brits award for British Album of the Year with a speech so touching and a throwback to a humble beginning.

Like saving the best for last.

For those who may not know, "Kooks" is a song off Hunky Dory that David wrote for Duncan when he was a little boy. It was the one of very rare times that David shared with us a glimpse of his personal life through song. It's one of his best and most nostalgic songs he's ever done.

Duncan reminded us that we are kooks and should be very proud of that as his dad was so proud of us for being kooks. This one's for us, for David Bowie. Thank you for everything, Mr. Jones.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Funny Valentine: The Art of the Teese

I had the most fun and awesome Valentine's Day ever: got A LOT of condoms from my favorite gay bar (Stonewall), had the most politicized sex toy conversation ever with an employee of one of my favorite BDSM shops in Christopher Street (LONDON), bumped into one of my favorite actors from The Get Down (Justice Smith, I was surprised he remembered me from the afterparty of the play he's in now, Yen, that I loved him in so much), and to top it all off, aside from Dita Von Teese's show being oh so phenomenal, SEXY, magical, and body positive and inclusive, because I was soo much into the show, I got picked from the crowd on stage by her host, my favorite drag king, Murray Hill, for a dance off, and won 2nd place and got a free Dita T-shirt, it was nice to see the lovely Amanda Lepore, after the show meeting Violet Chachki, and seeing that one of my favorite guys (Milo) that works at my favorite record store in NYC, Generation Records, just oh so happens to work at Gramercy Theatre too! We were both surprised to see each other especially him when he saw who was dancing on stage lmao! What a night! Dita is so amazing and so is her equally talented burlesque girls and burlesque boys. It was unique to be at a show that attracted both the straight and LGBT crowd, and how everyone was so kind, and was too sweet with their compliments on my dancing, lol! 

No pressure that Dita was watching the whole time!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A David Bowie Valentine's!

This is so adorable that I had to share it on here. Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, whether you're a David Bowie fan or not, how can anyone not LOVE these?

Which one is your most favorite?