Monday, February 27, 2017

The Little Movie That Could: Moonlight

None of us expected Moonlight to win Best Picture. We hoped it would, of course, but knew it would go to La La Land. La La Land was announced as the winner, until...this happened.

My heart was legit racing and I was shaking at that MAJOR epic, embarrassing fail that was also the most brilliant moment we've ever seen at the Oscars. MOONLIGHT WON BEST PICTURE! Movies about the queer black experience CAN win, and for that, all us queer black folks of the world can at last feel like we belong. I'll embrace this moment forever: a queer black movie WON and it wasn't about slavery. What a time to be alive to see this.

Moonlight also won these awards:

Tonight's Oscars was historic for these reasons: Mahershala Ali became the first ever Muslim actor to win an Oscar, Iran won for Best Foreign Film, black actors won, and a movie about the queer black male experience won Best Picture. THIS is what America is made of - diversity and inclusivity. Absolutely beautiful. And most of all, Moonlight's win is a win for the entire LGBT community as this makes Moonlight the first ever LGBTQI movie to win Best Picture.

So proud of Moonlight, so proud of this moment, so proud of our history. We are now part of Oscars history, and damn it feels so good.


  1. LOL that pic at the end. It was well-deserved. My only wish is that the stupid screw-up announcing the award hadn't happened! Drew said he felt bad for Moonlight because the mess-up kind of took away from their moment. But they still won! And that is awesome. Very much a win for diversity this year at the Oscars!

    1. Yeah I know, people talked more about that flub than the movie itself, even despite it winning Best Picture, that whole moment stole THEIR moment. BUT...if there's anything really really awesome that came out of that flub is that it truly showed how classy both the Moonlight and La La Land team are and how they handled it. But it really did take away what should have only been Moonlight's moment. But oh well, I think with time, even though the flub will still be Oscars history, I think people will actually pay attention to the film and not on what happened. Their win is so majorly important for black LGBT cinema and diversity :).